Avocado Banana Chocolate Spinach Muffins Recipe

Yes, you read it right. Avocado+Banana+Chocolate+Spinach=Muffins! I know it sounds weird a muffin with fruit, vegetables and chocolate but trust me on this one. It tastes great, it doesn’t need any oil thanks to the avocado and it gives you extra micronutrients thanks to the spinach. Plus it’s green! Nutrition Facts The nutritional profile of … Continue reading Avocado Banana Chocolate Spinach Muffins Recipe

Vegan Nutella Recipe

A devilish delicious vegan Nutella recipe If you thought you had to give up Nutella because you are vegan, grieve no more. Here it is a gluttonous vegan Nutella recipe. Personally I actually prefer this one to the original. And not to ruin this joyful moment I am not writing down the nutrition facts 😀 … Continue reading Vegan Nutella Recipe