Burmese Tofu or Chickpea Tofu Recipe

  • Layloota

    Hi there. Thanks for the Chickpea tofu recipe!
    I just have a few questions. What is the texture of this tofu? Is it firm or on the softer side?

    That is the taste like? When can we add in salt?
    saw on a video for soy tofu, that lemon juice was added into it. Is
    that necessary for this recipe? Can we soak the chickpea in the lemon juice as an acidic medium before grinding?
    we add other ingredients to this recipe, such as spices or yogurt to
    have it fermented a bit? As for the spices, when can that be added in?

    • FredBrand

      Hi! Sorry for the delay but I didn’t receive a notification for your comment.

      So this tofu is pretty soft and more similar to silk tofu than the firm one. It has a pretty mild taste but you can definitely say it is not made from soy. You can add salt directly in the preparation 🙂

      The lemon juice, or any other acidifier is not necessary because regular tofu is done by separating the water from the rest of the soy milk (like regular diary cheese) while this one is more like a “polenta”.
      I never tried the fermentation so I cannot advise on that but for the spices, feel free to try what you like. I’d go for paprika, dry parsley and garlic powder 🙂